Hammered Dulcimer and Aeolian Harp Shop

Ethically Produced, Beautiful-Sounding Instruments

The emphasis is to produce clear and crisp sounding hammered dulcimers, aeolian harps, cimbaloms, tsimbaly and tampanon etc. that are a pleasure to own, tune and play. The instruments avaliable to purchase here are instruments made from materials that do not contribute to the destruction of rainforests or similar environment and materials that are not produced by exploiting the land and resourses of indiginous tribal people. So purchase here with confidence that the materials are sourced and manufactured in the most ethical way possable. 

Made to Order Dulcimers

I am not a factory, I work, sometimes with an assistant, in a small workshop producing individual hammererd dulcimers and other instruments. You might see the 'out of stock' sign. This doesn't mean I am out of dulcimers! I have instruments at different states, some barely started, some nearly finished. I am mostly making instruments to order so when they are finished they go out of the door. The best option is to begin a discussion about placing place an order especially if you would like something special. Alternatively use the deposit box. £200 is the deposit with the remainder payable on completion. The smaller hammered dulcimers are usually ready in 6 to 8 weeks. The larger instruments 3 to 5 months. The final payments vary by model and can be made by bank transfer, Pay Pal, cash or cheque. This does depend on whether you want instruments delivered or if you are picking them up. 

Stock instruments