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  1. November has been very busy moving out of
    our Frome house as well as making lots of
    Dulcimers including a Hackbrett with Yew rails.
    Planning a Harmony Pro with Oak sound hole
    inserts. Also about to make a Virtuoso Special
    Pro with extra bridges.

    Composer Luke Potter has been in touch to say
    that since organising a Harmony Classic for a
    theatre company in Bristol he has incorporated
    the Dulcimer into all his theatre productions and
    finds lots of creative ways such as Bowing to
    elicit unusual sounds from the instrument.Press release photo2018LORES

    Here’s the two instruments I’ve been working
    on for the Bolshoi Ballet

  2. WP_20171030_002This is a Hammered Dulcimer I made for the Horniman museum in London for their hands-on gallery. After I installed it for them I gave a short performance. It's a bit different to the instruments I normally make. It has a continuous bridge top made of stainless steel. The individual Delrin bridge tops I usually use would be lost in next to no time by the children.