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Aeolian harps are interesting instruments. They play themselves! It is up to you to provide the correct circumstances for them to play. Its all about laminar airflow. This is in a sense 'smoothed air'. It occures where air is being directionalised by the surrounding archetecture or landscape.

I have made probably 15 to 20 of these over quite a number of years, They have been slightly different and so therefor quite difficult to list as stock items. They have mostly been made to order. I made one, a double harp 2M long for the National Trust. This can be viewed at Claife Viewing Station on the side of Lake winermere in the Lake District.

The Victorians were fond of fitting them into sash windows and allowing them to play in the airflow in or out of the window. Far fewer homes have sash windows in 2016. An aeolion harp is usually a bespoke item. 

I made a very effective funnel harp which worked very well at low wind speeds and then at fast wind speed became quiet. This is an positive advantage as the sound of a squeeling wind harp in high wind would not be pleasant! I would really like to be involved in the creation of a large stainless steel Aeolian Harp in a public location that I think would look and sound amazing. So if you have any knowlege or acces to a large scale public art project let me know. 

Stock instruments

Some other Aeolian Harps I have made are pictured here. This one a copy of the first Aeolian Harp I came across in an Antique shop in Wells. Interestingly this is two harp piggy-backing together and each has two solid silver strings.

Double Aeolian1995


Below a view of the my Aeolian Blade first made 2016

aeolian Garp by Mr Tim Manning

Below, this one from about 2018

Aeolian Harp 2018

This one made 2019

Aeolian Harp 2019

Another view of the blade

Aeolian Harp Aeolious Blade

Aeolian Harp after Robert Bloomfield

Aeolian Harp after Bloomfield by Tim Manninh

A view of the 'Blade' from the bottom

Aeolian Harp Blade by manning

Close-up of the 'Blade' bridge

aeolian Harp by Tim Mannig CU

Unknown date on this one

Aeolian Harp by Tim Manning

Aeolian Harp for the National Trust 2014

Aeolian Harp for 2014National Trust

Closer view of the instrument

Aeolian Harp National Trust 2014

This Aeolian Harp from 2011

Aeolian Harp2011

A copy of the double Aeolian Harp with 2 silver string per instrument


A view of 'Aelous' the Greek god of wind


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