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  1. Its always interesting to have a challange!


    This Appalachian Dulcimer was being made by a young man who sadly died before finishing it. His parents, 20 years later brought it to me to finish it off. That involved preceding in a different way to normal because things had been done in the wrong order and some very thin materials had been used. Anyway I had to solve a few other problems that the maker hadn't considered. But the finished instrument looks really interesting despite having a few things I wasn't able to 'disappear'. The clients are delighted.

  2. This is one of my Dragon Dulcimers. Its a 15 - 15 with an extra 8 wound bass strings. This model I call the Virtuoso.  This one though is a custom made version for my client, with colours to match her friends harp. Most of my instruments are standard models that can be seen on my website.Low Res Dragon