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  1. I have been making aeolian harps for quite a while but those have mostly been of the window variety. Recently thought inspired by my assistant Laura, I have made a couple of experemental instrument. One the 'Blade' will play outside in moderate winds. The other the Funnel will play at pretty low wind speeds but is almost completely silent with big winds.

    Half side view     Aeolius

  2. I just came back from the World Dulcimer Congress which was organised by the very organised Sally Whitead and her organised team of helpers. It was a perfect week for 250 or so world dulcimer afficionadoes. It was amazing in fact. Many members of the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club were involved in making it such an amazing week as well. How did the planets line up so amazingly to make this event occur in my home town! I had to keep pinching myself to see if it was really real!